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"Innergy" (Club Mix)

László Popp


Recorded in studio:
Pandora Black

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Let's use Force

One of the newest additions in the studio is the Akai Force. This powerhouse is nothing short of arsenal of weapons inside. The idea that you could produce entire songs, samples and integrate with any DAW controller is simply amazing.

With some modifications within midi controls we were able to syncronize the audio workflow with digital media such as film and video clips on the fly.

This takes the Force in a whole new direction were not only can we snycronize the audio to video but also control video effects using an advanced controller. This was never intended for the Force to command this type of setup or maybe it was in certian ways. No matter how you look at it, it works, and it works well.

The Gear

I like to brag when it comes to Roland. I have used almost every name or type of synthesizers or workstations over the years and I will honestly admit, Roland does something that no one else really seems to grasp.

They focus entirely on music and the musician in so many ways that it really makes you feel like you always have the best in producing music. Let's face it, Roland is by far a bit more pricey than other names in the industry however they truly stand behind their products and they always have great support for their updates and prodcuts.

I always get asked "so what is the best prodcution tool that you use"? I reply, Roland of course and they look at me like I was going to say "DAW"!

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